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Rotnei Clarke Misses Games

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Verdigris native Rotnei Clarke continues to rest and heal after Saturday's game against Dayton.  The two-time Elite 8 Ford Award winner will miss at least two-games.

Rotnei took a hard foul and went head first into the base of the basketball goal.  He was taken off the court on a stretcher.  He was complaining that he couldn't feel anything below his neck.  He regained the feeling while he was at the hospital.  He's expected to make a full recovery.

"Just try to stay positive," said Clarke of how he will deal with his time out of the lineup. "My job right now is to be a good teammate, lift up my teammates and encourage them whether it be in practice or sitting when I'm sitting on the bench during games."

"I'm not a patient guy," said Clarke. "I'm having to learn to be patient right now and listen to whatever the doctors tell me and listen to what our trainers say and coaches. I'm trusting that and whatever they say is what its going to be."

The Bulldogs will play without Rotnei when they face the 8th ranked Gonzaga Bulldogs on Saturday.