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TechBits: top tech stories of 2012

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The Tech Guy takes a look back at some of the top tech stories of 2012:

    Apple released the iPhone 5 and iOS 6.  The big problem with the new releases was Apple Maps.  It was quickly panned for its problems delivering correct information, accurate maps, and more.  Apple eventually relented, and had users rely on other mapping apps.


    Microsoft let Windows 8 loose on the world, only to take criticism over the new Metro UI.  Many users complained that while it was good for mobile devices, it was not a good fit for desktop computers.


    Cloud computing became the new buzz-phrase in the tech world, as many companies rushed to offer cloud services, sometimes not even using 'cloud' properly.  (Any online storage or service came to be 'cloud'.)


    Patent suits dominated headlines, with perhaps the most prominent case being a long-running fight between Apple and Samsung.


   Tablets took over.  While the iPad was the best known, many companies flooded the market with Android-driven tablets.

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