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TechBits: news & social media (11.07.12)

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Record-setting Facebook photo Record-setting Facebook photo
Time cover photo that was shot with an iPhone Time cover photo that was shot with an iPhone

    The Presidential election meant huge numbers for Twitter and Facebook.  Voters sent 31 million tweets in the final battle for the White House.  In the moments before President Barack Obama was declared winner, Tweet volume hit more than 327,000 per minute.  That's more than 5,400 tweets per second.

    The President's re-election also meant a record-setting number for Facebook.  By noon Wednesday, a picture of the President embracing the First Lady had more than 3.5 million likes.  That's more than any other picture ever posted on the site.

   Superstorm Sandy resulted in an image that's getting attention nationwide.  A cover photo for Time Magazine shows waves crashing in with the storm.  It was taken using an iPhone.  The photographer uses smartphone instead of professional grade SLRs for stories he covers around the world.

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