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Statistically Speaking: Auburn, New Mexico State submerged deep into NCAA rankings

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Associate head coach Trooper Taylor probably has a similar reaction to the one shown when looking at the stats. ( Associate head coach Trooper Taylor probably has a similar reaction to the one shown when looking at the stats. (

The Auburn Tigers host New Mexico State on Saturday for homecoming, and both teams enter the matchup with a combined two wins on the season. If you take a look at the statistics and NCAA rankings for both teams, you'll understand why both teams have just one win a piece in 2012.

The Tigers and Aggies are near the bottom of the rankings in nearly all the major statistical categories.  Auburn's best ranking is in kickoff returns, ranking 25th out of 120 teams with an average of 25 return yards per game.  They are dead last in total offense this season under new coordinator Scott Loeffler.

The good news for Loeffler is he'll be going up against an Aggies defense that is ranked 102nd in the country.  New Mexico State's opponents are averaging 461 yards of offense per game.

Check it out.





New Mexico St.



Total Defense 95th 444 yds/g Total Defense 102nd 461 yds/g
Total Offense 120th 284 yds/g Total Offense 94th 362 yds/g
Scoring Defense 79th 30 pts/g Total Offense 99th 34 pts/g
Scoring Offense 119th 16 pt/g Scoring Offense 99th 21 pts/g
Rushing Defense 105th 213 yds/g Rushing Defense 96th 195 yds/g
Rushing Offense 98th 122 yds/g Rushing Offense 113th 96 yds/g
Passing Defense 59th 1,843 yards/total Passing Defense 99th 2,126 yards/total
Passing Offense 111th 162 yds/g Passing Offense 41st 266 yds/g
1st Down Offense 116th 126 total 1st Down Offense 76th 162 total
1st Down Defense 96th 187 total 1st Down Defense 90th 183 total
Kickoff Return 22nd 25 yds/g 1 TD Kickoff Return 70th 21 yds/g 1 TD
Net Punting 26th 40 yds/per Net Punting 57th 37 yds/per
Punt Return 89th 5.75 yds/punt Punt Return 119th 1.33 yds/punt
Red Zone Defense 79th 178 pts / 83% Red Zone Defense 15th 141 pts / 71%
Red Zone Offense 76th 69 pts / 79% Red Zone Offense 61st 88 pts / 81%
3rd Down % 119th 27 % 3rd Down % 89th 37 %
Turnovers Lost 103rd 19 Turnovers Lost 82nd 17
Turnovers Gained 101st 9 Turnovers Gained 115th 7
Turnover Margin 111th -1.25 Turnover Margin 111th -1.25
Penalties 50th 5.75/game Penalties 45th 5.63/game
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