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Football is almost over?

Football is almost over?

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Can you believe how quickly this football season has flown?

Tonight at one high school... Seniors and their parents walked on the field and were honored before the game.

It seems like five minutes ago, the season opened. But now the high school teams have a pretty good idea if they will go to the play offs.

But the fact is especially when your kids are in high school time flies at warp speed.

Last year I had a senior and I cringed each time a game ended.

We were one step closer to the end of high school.

I watch the senior moms at games now... I know just how they feel. They love being there, and are holding on to each and every moment and memory.

I still have two more boys in junior high and high school. I know these days will fly by... The play offs will be over, basketball, then baseball season will come and go.

Savor the time you have... It goes so fast.

Find the joy with your kids and if they aren't picking up their rooms or doing just what you want at the right time... Remember.... Soon they will be driving off to college or their first job.

Savor the moments.

Today I saw a frustrated mother of a toddler... The little girl was going every where except where her mom wanted her to go... I almost teared up and wanted to tell that young mom... Savor the moment... don't get frustrated... Laugh more, hug... And appreciate every step along the way.

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