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New Roebuck church helps community

New Roebuck Church helps community

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Why do people go through tough times? One local pastor believes... in the long run... it's to help teach us so we can lead others.

John Cook... has had guns held to his head... and been hospitalized as a child for a year.

But he is using his tough times... and what he learned to help others... in the Roebuck Huffman area .... with his new church... CBF Ministries International.

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John Cook the pastor says, "I was hospitalized 8 to 9.... held at gun point..... shot .... mom almost kidnapped.... age 12 playing ball .... put on pavement robbed at .... gunpoint... 4 times I escaped death before the age of 16."

Pastor John Cook is a former NFL football player... who has let his faith lead him through tough times... now he says he is being led by God to give back to his community... with this new church... located in an old movie theater... in Roebuck.

John Cook: "CBF was developed from my life... Christ... Bold... Faith."

He also gives of his time as a football coach at Huffman High... and is a UAB campus minister. He says he believes he can change the world with God's help... and using his tough experiences as a young man.

Cook: "If your really gonna be a leader you have to experience the stuff ... how can you lead when you haven't' been. God allowed me to experience these things. I would have died at the age of 8 but God allowed me by faith a.... to prevail."

And that's why he believes his new ministery in this old movie theater will transform lives... in Birmingham... and hopefully reduce crime... and restore families.

Cook: "I have no bitterness to my father... but if my confidence is in people they will always fail... patience and faith... just trust God he has a plan in their lives."

He says God led him to this building.

Cook: "I was in prayer one morning... it just looked like an open building."

The bottom line in this building... he hopes to heal the community and families."

Cook: " How Jesus took fish and bread... Jesus takes minimum .... max it by faith... we took min and max it ... by faith to preach a message of hope."

To find out more you can call 205 240-6559.

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