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Jefferson County Health Dept. talks meningitis scare

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It's been a busy day at the Jefferson County Health Department.

"Maybe five or six...I know that I've talked to," Stephanie Ayers-Millsap said.

Ayers-Millsap is the Disease Intervention Program Manager at the health department. She says since it was announced, Tuesday, about the meningitis scare reaching Alabama her phone has been ringing.

"We've had concerned citizens that's had some of these types of procedures," she said. "Injections, wondering if their facility received them."

Received products from the NECC.

Alabama didn't receive medications with implications of meningitis, but it did receive medicines from the company. Now the biggest concern becomes finding those products.

"We are following up at the state level," Ayers-Millsap said. "Any providers that might have received medicines from that particular company."

Ayers-Millsap says meningitis is not uncommon. However, this type is somewhat foreign to the community and health care providers.

"Usually, bacteria, as well as the viral are what we follow-up on most commonly," she said. "And this particular fungal infections is one that we don't usually see."

And while the state tries to determine how severe this problem is, Ayers-Millsap admits there's no telling how far the ripple effect could spread.

"It's an ongoing investigation," she said. "And it's one that, in talks with the calls and CDC, one that they have not had, so it's hard to say what we will see later."

Ayers-Millsap encourages anyone who might be experiencing symptoms like fever, nausea, vomiting and stiff neck, and who had a procedure at one of the mentioned health care facilities, to contact their physician immediately.

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