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Student's tree house project lands in Hollywood

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    A Northport student had no idea she would end up in Hollywood when the gifted teacher at Faucett-Vestavia Elementary school gave them a challenge using the laws of physics.  "The assignment was to design an attraction for the Disney theme park and integrate the engineering process steps with it," says teacher Jodi Williams.

    Fifth Grader, Delaney Rice loves tree houses so that's what she explored but it wasn't an ordinary tree house. "If you walk in to each room, you'll feel like you're in Disney movies and I've always wanted to feel like I'm in Alice and Wonderland or something."  The rooms each have electronic sensors to play corresponding disney theme songs.

   The tree house is built mostly out of shoe boxes and paper towel rolls with real leaves on top.  "It was designed in such detail with her artwork. That is what made it standout," added Williams.

   The project landed Rice a trip to Hollywood.  Producers of movies such as the Lion King helped judge her tree house.  It won second place in Disney's Frankenweenie Science Fair.  Rice was the only girl in the Country to place in the top six finalists.

  "The way it felt was, I was all smiles. I couldn't stop smiling and I just thought-how did I get here," said Price.  "She worked hard in her project and she believed dreams do come true."

   Rice says she's already dreaming about her next big project and she believes she'll be a Disney Imagineer some day.  "I don't think I'm on top of the world but I think I can do a lot more. I have a lot more opportunities with my life now that I have won this."

  Rice won a bunch of tickets to Disneyland.  Her project is still in Hollywood.  It will remain on display at the El Capitan Theatre throughout October.

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