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Quotes from Gene Chizik after Auburn's loss to Ole Miss

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Quotes from Auburn head coach Gene Chizik during his post-game new conference after the loss to Ole Miss:

On feelings after the loss...

"I think right now your are looking at team that is very disappointed.

"We gotta keep looking forward, we gotta keep moving forward.  We can't keep looking back at all the things that happened or didn't happen that costs us football games, other than the obvious, going back and trying to make corrections.

"We did some things that you can't do in the fourth quarter against a team that has been offensively explosive as these guys have been."

On why they got away from the running game...

"We distributed the ball a little bit more in the first half running it than we did in the second.  When [Ole Miss] puts eight, nine [in the box], you gotta be able to throw it some, so that's what we were doing.

"The problem was we had too many three-and-outs.  We didn't really sustain any drives in the second half.  Time of possession was something we wanted to win, certainly early in the game.

"We were making some first downs, hitting some plays and we came back from a 14-point deficit by driving the ball and running the ball."

On his defense...

"[Ole Miss] is a fast-striking offense.  We didn't always play well on defense.  Our tackling was very poor in terms of keeping leverage on a good back.  Anytime a team runs for 200 yards on you, that's not a very good defense, at all.  I thought that was the case tonight as well."

"It was a total team loss.  We kept it close enough in the fourth quarter to win it and we didn't get the job done."

On why Auburn has struggled in the fourth quarter...

"It's different things.  It's execution.  We're not executing at a high level in the fourth quarter. It's disappointing."

On what his team is looking forward to with bowl game becoming less likely...

"We're looking forward to the next opportunity to play.  Win a game.  That's it.  We're going to take it one day at time.  When you go through the struggles that we are going through right now, it is very difficult.  So our focus is our young guys that we are trying to coach everyday.  Our goal is to everyday grow them so that we become better football players so that we can win a game.  We're not looking at seven, eight weeks from now.  We're looking at tomorrow and the next day, ultimately the next game."

On Clint Moseley's play...

I thought Clint did some nice things particularly early in the game.  I thought he gained a little more confidence as everything went, as the game went on.  Obviously, the interception at the end there was not what we wanted, but Clint came in there and did some good things."

On keeping his team focused from the outside distractions and negative chatter...

"It's hard.  It's hard for them not to. I'm not going to sit here and put my head in the sand and act like it's not.  The bottom line is we are doing our best jobs as coaches to keep this team unified and to keep this team working.  It's a challenge right now for everybody in our room, coaches and players.  This won't be the first challenge they have in their life, and it certainly won't be the last."

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