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Extras show up to be in movie

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Old Hollywood glamour meets the Magic city...

About 2000 people showed up at the Alabama Theater Tuesday to be extras in a Christian film. called 'Grace Unplugged.'  It stars AJ Michalka from the group 'Aly and AJ' and James Denton, from Desperate Housewives.  Actor and comedian Kevin Pollak is in the movie, too.  The movie chronicles the life of father and daughter musicians.   

The makers of the film tell us shooting in Alabama made their jobs easier and cheaper.  With the state's new tax rebate incentives, they can film at a much lower cost than in California.

"Everyone has been so nice," Denton says.  "We've been eating too much barbeque! It's been fun! It's a bummer we're leaving when football starts. It's about to get good around here!"

The movie 'Grace Unplugged'  is set for release in the Fall of next year.


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