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Game Yelling Hoarseness

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What would a game be like without enthusiastic fans?

But, it's not surprising that many sports fanatics lose their voices after a rousing sporting event.

Doctors now are finding that the people who are cheering and screaming could be seriously injuring their vocal cords in the process.

And that can lead to serious damage, like a hemorrhage or a polyp.

So, how do you know if you've damaged your vocal cords?

Dr. L. Arick Forrest says, "You'll start to hear your voice crack a little bit or get a little bit raspy, and that should be your clue that something is wrong here."

To save your vocal cords, physicians recommend you keep quiet, give the cords a rest.

Drink water to keep the cords moist.  If you must cheer, warm up your cords before the game.

Doctors say consider holding one note as a warm up yell, like a singer.

If you have hoarseness that lasts 24 hours or longer, it could mean possible problems.