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Watching Isaac

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 The Associated Press reports that residents along Alabama's coast are hoping to avoid the worst from Isaac when it makes landfall, but they're also taking precautions against the storm.
ABC 33/40 Meteorologist Charles Daniel has been offering live reports from the coast.  He says he has seen some of those residents who spent the night there, moving out this morning.  He and the ABC 33/40 crew have had to move their set up back as the sea water inches closer to the sea wall.

The Alabama Chapter of The Red Cross will open 10-15 shelters in the Gulf Coast region.  The agency has placed shelters in the Montgomery and Birmingham areas on standby.  The AP reports that shelters are open in Mobile County, which will take at least an indirect  hit.
Governor Robert Bentley ordered mandatory evacuations for low-lying areas.   Others we allowed to stay home and prep after the storm took a more westward turn.