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Tulane Football Players practicing in Birmingham

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Football players are also getting out of the gulf area. Tulane's football team is in Birmingham. The squad boarded buses in New Orleans Monday to make the trip to the Magic City. They'll get ready for Saturday's game while they're here before heading back to Louisiana in time for the weekend.

Around 90 players , coaches, pretty much everyone involved in the football program is here staying at the Double Tree. Tuesday morning the team is expected to hit the field at Samford, even if its raining.

Four buses pulled up around 9:00 p.m. after everyone stopped to get pizza. Coach Eric Price says he and other coaches brought their family along. Price says the team was originally suppose to travel to Shreveport for practice, but changed their mind after looking at the forecast. However, it's not the first time Tulane's football team has practice away from home because of a storm. Price says many of the team members were affected by Hurricane Katrina seven years ago and some could have a tough time focusing this week.

Eric Price says "Naturally it's going to be hard, especially the kids from that area and have family down there. But a lot of people are leaving and have an idea where the storm's gonna hit generally. Right now we're keeping a positive attitude and coming up here to practice this week and try to focus on the game."

The team will be heading back to New Orleans most likely on Thursday depending on the weather. They're scheduled to play Rutgers University in the Super Dome on Saturday.