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Big voter turnout could mean big trouble for incumbents

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Anniston is among the communities set to go to the polls Tuesday.

" We need a clean sweep," said Adrian Nelson " Start fresh, we need to be ambitious."

Lori Owens, a Jacksonville State University political science professor, says she is hearing rumbling of sweeping change at Anniston City Hall.

" Strong turnout, usually, is bad news for incumbents," said Owens " When is there is a tide, a movement, sometimes incumbents get wiped out in it."

Anniston politics has been riddled with embarrassing moments in recent years. Mayor Gene Robinson got into a fist fight with  city councilman John Spain. Spain and David Dawson quit the council mired in scandal. Councilman Ben Little has been dogged by controversy. This summer, he was charged with violating the Council-Manager Act after he allegedly ordered a city employee to do something.

11 candidates are in the race for mayor, and Owens believes the crowded field will likely only be narrowed down to two people on Tuesday.

A runoff would take place October 9th.