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Daycare sexual abuse investigation

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The Jefferson County Sheriff's Department is now investigating the possibility of sexual abuse in an area daycare.  Sheriff's officials say over the past week, three families have come forward reporting possible sexual abuse at Mama's Place Christian Academy.  We are told the victims are five, four and three years old. Reports indicate, each of the reports claims a 17-year-old son of one of the daycare workers had inappropriate contact with the victims.  All of the incidents are alleged to have occurred on the premises. 

In the first report, made August 18, 2012, the child's mother told Deputies that her five-year-old son was touching a family member in an inappropriate manner.  Sheriff's officials say when she asked why, the child replied that the suspect at the daycare had touched him that way. Sheriff's investigators have spent the last several days contacting families on the daycare roster along with past customers in order to identify any further victims and allow the current families to make an informed decision on their childcare.

The suspect in this case has been banned from the property by ownership. The investigation is ongoing and charges are expected, according to the department.