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World Renowned Pianist Helps Tulsa Cancer Patients

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It's already known as being a place that uniquely tackles cancer with care, and over the past few months the Tulsa branch of the Cancer Treatment Centers of America has had an extra treatment protocol in its cancer fighting arsenal.

"People think I'm a little bit nuts and a little bit crazy and radical," said Martin Berkofsky. He's pulling double duty. He's a patient here for esophageal cancer, but he's also a world renowned pianist who routinely plays for free for cancer patients.

"I just hope the sense of peace that minimally they're away from their cares, their worries," he said.

He wasn't always so caring. Thirty years ago he was a self-described music hustler.

"Where's my next gig? where's my next concert? how much fee can I get for it? How about the royalties?," he laughed.

But then he had a motorcycle accident that changed his perspective on life.

"The concerts and recordings I make as much as I can are going to be for charities and good causes. I'll make a modest living, be a piano teacher, and do that and who cares, let's do the right thing now," he said.

A philosophy that's brought him a sense of peace, transmitted to patients in the audience through every note. A comfort that whatever happens it will be ok.

"I'm not worried in the least, you know, whenever my time comes, that's perfectly fine," he said.