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Red Cross preparing for Hurricane Isaac across the state

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With severe weather expected to hit Alabama this week, Red Cross is getting the state prepared.

Chris Osborne with Red Cross says, "We start preparing the minute that we here of a storm, all the way through any potential damage that might happen in a storm." Osborne says Red Cross has been setting up a disaster operation center since last week in Montgomery. The center is located there because it's far enough inland, where there won't be a huge enough impact.

"One of the things that we'll be doing first is making sure that there will be enough shelters so people have a safe place to go. From there, we'll be making sure people have enough food and water in those necessary resources, and then we'll do damage assessment, and see how we can get people back on the road to recovery," says Osborne.

But it's about preparation first; just a few weeks ago the American Red Cross launched a hurricane app for smart phones.

"I'm safe" is designed for those who visit, or live in hurricane prone areas. It also gives access to local and real time information on what to do before, during, and after hurricanes.

The app gives you a toolkit with a flashlight, strobe light and audible alarm.

"That is imperative, that is the only way that you can be in doors or on the go, and know that weather is coming or that it's looming and you need to take the appropriate precautions," says Osborne.

And with the rainy days ahead, Red Cross stresses the importance of being informed, making a plan and building a survival kit. All of this, just to be safe...

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