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I know the school year is just getting started.  Certainly, we're all hoping all the students are successful in their learning; however, does your child struggle with learning in school?  It can lead to frustration for the child and the parent.

ABC 33/40's Linda Mays shows us one local woman uses her passion and "brain training" program to help students strengthen their cognitive skills and end the frustration.

 Michelle Givan at LearningRx Birmingham South says, "The kids who are struggling the most are going to be the ones who come home and can't tell their parents what they learned that day in school they will have homework assignments and the parents will be thinking you were at school all day how is it you don't remember what the teacher taught you?"

Children struggling to read and learn is a problem.

Michelle Givan at LearningRX works to find out why and aims to fix the problem.

Givan says, "It's a symptom that tells us its an underlying weakness in attention, memory, logic and reasoning all of those parts of the brain that work together to promote learning."

She's talking about the brain's cognitive skills --which are the building blocks for processing information and learning-- reading, doing math, handwriting and composition.

 Five year old, Trent, is counting little blue blocks, training his brain. He was diagnosed with Autism.

Givan says, that's among other "symptoms" ---slow reading, slow processing, difficulty staying focus and dyslexia that bring children and adults here to LearningRx.

  Givan says, "We determine we want your reading to be at this level. We want your math to be at this level;00 22 30 24# <drop sentence>. 002 34 03 We want you to sit still during class. So that you can grasp the information. We want you to take notes and listen to the lecture all at the same time. We want you to improve your ACT score."

How do you reach those desired out comes?

Here they receive one-on-one brain training; Mental exercises are levelized -- meaning they increase in difficulty and intensity. This is a visualization puzzle.

LearningRx trainer, Aileen Kenchington says, "What I'm gonna do is call out patterns for Mary Harmon to recreate with her pieces. That's while counts and stays on beat."

 Mary Harmon, a community college student from Memphis works to improve her concentration and memory. Harmon says, "I knew my concentration was bad and I how much I've improved like talking to you I would or trying to find the word to express what I'm saying."  The 63 year old says she's seen significant improvement in just four to five days.

Givan explains that the procedures of the evidence-based program addresses several cognitive skills at the same time.

She knows on a personal level the different world it can recreate for a child. It was one of her twin sons who has autism whose life changed for the better because of LearningRx.

Givan tells us, "Cognitive training took Elliott from third grade level in math to sixth grade level in math." The 14 year old now a ninth grader taking regular and advanced classes. Givan says, "As a student progresses from one level to the next, they are actually creating new brain documented connections this has been on MRIs so what they develop the skills they develop here are permanent."

LearningRx includes the Woodcock Johnson Tests III of Cognitive Abilities along with tests of achievement.

Schools may look at achievement to determine whether the child has a learning problem and to evaluate eligibility for special services.

LearningRx looks at the child cognitive skills to find an answer to --why there's a problem.

The length of the training program depends on the student's needs.  The training sessions are one-hour and a half.  The program ranges between 12 weeks, 16 weeks, 24 weeks and/or 32 weeks?

The cost runs between $2,000 -$4,000.  However, they don't want cost to hold anyone back.

You can learn more on its Facebook page: LearningRxBirminghamSouth#