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Mannford Pirates Coping With Wild Fires

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Knowing where to line up, how to pick up a blitzing linebacker and learning the playbook should be the biggest problems a high school football player should have to worry about in August.         
But the Mannford Pirates have had to deal with real life.

Devastating wild fires destroyed hundreds of homes a few weeks ago.  Including three that belonged to the families of three Mannford football players.

New head coach Eddy Scott says his team has rallied around those guys.  Plus they've receive a lot of support from outside the community.

"The last scrimmage we went to in Beggs they did a great job." Scott said. "They passed the bucket around and we're going to give all that to our three student athletes on our football team.  We're going to divide that up between them.  It's a really good thing and I just want to say thank you."