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TechBits: tech news (8.22.12)

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Some of this week's tech headlines:

    The government is set to spend $25 million researching smart cars.  The money is being spent on a real-world test of cars equipped with high tech sensors and communications devices that can talk to one another.  About 2,800 cars are in the year long experiment.  The vehicles have devices that send wireless signals to other vehicles and even traffic lights.  The idea is to make traffic flow better.

    T-Mobile says it's going to return to giving users unlimited data.  T-Mobile followed the big trend among mobile companies, and scaled back its data plans.  That's when Sprint became the only major phone provider giving unlimited data.  Now, T-Mobile is the second company in that field.  The only drawback is that customers can't use their phones a mobile wi-fi hotspot.

    Mark Zuckerberg's fondness for a product shut down the company's web site.  Zuckerberg posted about how much he likes updates to software for the iGrill.  Just after the post, high traffic shut down the iGrill web site for about two hours.  iGrill is a Bluetooth meat thermometer that sends cooking data wirelessly to your iPphone.  That keeps you form having to stand over your grill.