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Vance gets the nod and joins the race for Chief Justice

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Talk about making every moment count!

The state Democratic Party this afternoon declared Jefferson county civil circuit court Judge Bob Vance the party's nominee for chief justice.

Vance now has 75 days before the November election in which to mount a statewide campaign. He is up against well-known and well-funded Republican Roy Moore.

Vance admits it will not be an easy campaign, but, his plan of attack will not be an attack against Moore. Instead, Vance says he wants to talk about his hope for what a chief justice can do. He says, "my focus won't be so much on the opponent as on what I intend to do as chief justice."

Vance entered the race, he said because he wanted the voters to have a choice. He said, "this state has some real issues confronting it, and , we need someone to focus on those challenges."

The Alabama Democratic Party last Friday excluded Pelham attorney Harry Lyon from being the party's nominee after Lyon violated several of the party's rules by comments he had made.