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Educators see benefits in Accelerated Reader program

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Orletta Rush, principal at Lipscomb Elementary School has worked in education for 14 years.

In that time, Accelerated Reader has been a part of the school year. 

"I really think it is positive as far as reinforcing reading skills. Because students, especially during the summer time don't want to keep up with the reading," says Rush. "It reinforces and gives them rewards and gives them something to work toward as far as Accelerated Reader."

Accelerated Reader is a reading comprehension program. It tests students abilities to read a book from the accelerated reading list.

Rush says, "It provides them an incentive to do well on the test, we have points they use to help reinforce the reading skills of the students."

Rush says Accelerated Reader can help improve students' comprehension, even if they have trouble understanding what they're reading.

"A lot of times, students basically can read fluent, but cannot understand or recall what they've read," Rush explains. "This again reinforces that skill with those students who are going to need this skill in years to come, especially with testing."

Rush says students should not fear punishment if they fail to meet a goal. Punishment she believes would defeat the purpose of reading program.

"It gives them something to work toward, to bring up their reading level. They have a goal in sight they can see they're working toward," says Rush. "So it helps them build their comprehension and build their reading skills over the entire school year and it gives them something to work toward"