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Tide supporter in running for Hall of Fans

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Ten fans have been named finalists for possible induction into the Hall of Fans.  It is part of a contest put on by StubHub and ESPN.  From Los Angeles to Baltimore and Birmingham to Vancouver, the ten finalists offered compelling, inspiring stories of extraordinary fandom.

Beginning August 21, the finalists will campaign via social media platforms to become one of three inaugural inductees into the newly created institution. The three fans with the most votes on Friday, August 31 will be inducted into the Hall of Fans during a September ceremony on ESPN's Bristol, Conn-based campus. To vote, visit TheHallofFans.com.

The finalists represent a variety of sports and regions. Whether recovering from a serious car accident, selling custom hats for charity, building a state-of-the-art mancave or bringing football to hospitalized veterans, NFL fans are well represented among the finalists.

The finalists also include fans of college teams, the NHL and the NBA - including one whose wedding theme, colors, venue and invitations reflected his favorite team. The costumes, the chants, the consecutive game streaks and all of the stories shared by these ten finalists represent the spirit of the Hall of Fans, an institution created between ESPN and StubHub to honor and celebrate the best in sports fandom.

Emily is a local representative.  She cheers for the University of Alabama softball team.  Sporting a pink sombrero and crimson and white overalls, she is very visible. She uses her big personality and big voice to syke out the opponents.  Emily says, "to me, it's not just a game.  It's an experience."  To help Emily win, click here.