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Back to school shopping

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Summer vacation, now officially over, as Monday begins the first day of school. Many parents spent their Sunday afternoon visiting schools and buying those last minute necessities.

A mad dash at the Target store in Hoover.  "This is our third store and hopefully our last and final stop." John Jaroszewski made sure his son Tegan is ready to start 7th grade.  "A lot of stuff is picked over already."

Summer has flown by and the Jaroszewski family isn't the only one to buy supplies the day before school starts.

William Cummings says,  "Procrastination, should have done it earlier." Many parents left orientation at Glen Iris Elementary school and headed to the store, some wishing they had stocked up during the tax free holiday.  Nakiea Jones said "We have to get copy paper, dry erase markers, pencils, pens, paper, notebooks the whole nine yards".

Besides educational tools, many teachers are also requesting hand sanitizer and paper towels. Jaroszewski said "They're having students bring as much as they can, school supplies throughout the year, to stock up the school rooms, they do keep growing when I was a kid they didn't have this much."

It's a Christmas of sorts, with notebook paper. Lots of money spent to give children the best education. 

Some schools did have an orientation Sunday. At Glen Iris elementary, parents were able to see a 2-year vision become a reality just in time for school. There's a new outdoor classroom.

Students will be able to plant what they'd like to see in an outdoor area. The Principal says hands on activities like this get children thinking, so they can become better citizens.