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Updated: Loud booms heard and smoke seen around Birmingham

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Update 1:15pm:

U.S. Steel has released the following statement:
"Mid morning on Friday, August 17, a controlled pour of iron was conducted at U. S. Steel Fairfield Works.  A controlled pour of iron is an infrequent necessity in order to safely handle hot metal.  It involves pouring iron out of the ladle onto a prepared surface location.  All safety precautions were taken and no one was injured in the pour.  Due to moisture accumulation, the pour did result in loud noises and an occurrence of visible emissions.  Operations were not impacted"


Update 10:35am:

A person identifying himself as an employee of U.S. Steel tells us that "the blast furnace rolled over"  meaning there was a shift in the melting materials being used.


We received several calls from viewers this morning that had heard numerous loud booms and could see this smoke around Birmingham.

ABC 33/40 has learned that it is something that has happened at U.S. Steel, but we have been unable to confirm exactly what. As of 10:15am, U.S. Steel has not answered questions from our newsroom other than to say it was not an explosion.