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Missing 5 yr old from Anniston found safe in Kankakee, IL

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"I did what any mother would've done," says Lynette Davis. Davis' mother reported her five year old son, Michiri Dabney who was abducted while playing in the yard near his home.

Davis says, "If anybody just come to you, telling you somebody pulled up in a car and grabbed your son, you aren't going to automatically think that it's a parent."

After hours of searching and an amber alert from Anniston police department, Dabney was found in Kankakee, IL with his father. Police say the father took Michiri Dabney as a part of a child custody dispute.

Lt. Fred Forsyth, with the Anniston police department says, "Through our investigation, we determined that the father in fact has custody of the child, that's through the court up there in Kankakee."

Anniston police are also talking with Calhoun county district attorney's office about possible charges against the mother. Davis had a custody hearing back in April but did not show up. "I feel like if charges are going to be bought up against me, I feel like he should be prosecuted too, because you didn't go about it the legal way and like I said I haven't been informed of any custody nothing."

Billy Chapman, a Anniston resident, says, "A lot of kids come up missing and they're never heard from again, so, after one day they find the child safe, that's a relief."

Herbert N. Palmore, a Anniston councilman says, "When someone is taking forcefully like that, its matter of concern for everyone and we didn't know what had happened, who had done it, or anything, we just knew that the young child was missing."

In the meantime, this mother says she reacted like any concerned parent should react when their child goes missing.

"At the end of the day, I just want my son; I want to talk to him or something," says Davis.