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Wounded Convenience Store Owner Hospitalized

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A convenience store owner survives a bullet to the back. It happened when the suspect tried to tie up the owner .. left the store ... then return to shoot him. The Convenient Food Mart is in the one thousand block of North Utica. The suspect came in wearing a mask just after ten last night. Customers continue to come to this convenience store today only to learn it's closed. Many are just finding out what happened just after 10 last night.

"Is this closed for a reason?"

Today, customers like Don White are coming armed with questions, last night one came armed with the gun shooting the owner Khalid Khan.

"It's a wonder they hadn't killed him seriously."

The robbery unfolded as khan's wife watched from a web camera in their home.

"She was just telling me about that yesterday too, how they got it set up surveillance at home, where they can watch the store and everything."

The enhanced security followed thefts in the store and an armed robbery July 20th.

"Last week I talked to the gentleman that works here and he had all of his change in little cups, Tupperware bowls and I asked him what happened and he said that they robbed him and they took the cash register drawer and everything," says Tony Barker

"You can see the progression."

Police think the suspect in both robberies is the same man.

"If its the same individual he goes and takes the cash register one week, next week he shoots the owner, what's next."

The owners son returned to the store and told us his father underwent surgery and is recovering. We passed that on to concerned customers.

"I knew the guy come in the store all the time and talk to him, pretty nice guy," says Ralph Jackson.

"Scary. you know you can't go anywhere today, no where without, I mean my God."

It's unclear when the store will re-open. But from the customers and neighbors who rely on it, they hope it's soon.