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Scottie’s Thai Shaved Ice

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Ice (Enough ice to fill as many 4-6 ounce glasses you are going to serve.)

Cream (choice of:  heavy cream, half and half, condensed milk-use fat free versions if you'd like)

Optional: Butter shots Schnapps or Irish Cream Schnapps

Optional:  Fresh Mint Leaves for garnish




  1. Get out your choice of condensed milk (fat-free works), half and half (can even be fat-free) or heavy cream.


  1.  Get your glasses ready to serve along with spoons!


  1.  Use a blender or (my first choice) food processor to finely chop the ice until it is a light powder. 


  1. Fill each cup with the finely chopped ice and pour just enough of the cream to saturate all of the ice.


  1. Optional:  Add about a teaspoon of your preferred Schnapps and top with a single Mint Leaf.


  1. Enjoy!