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"Steel Standing" : Metal allergy causes woman's muscles to wither

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Back in 2009, Patricia Harton's life changed in a drastic way. What she once did with ease became incredibly difficult.

"It seemed like all of a sudden my hands were getting weak," said Harton " I couldn't pick up a glass."

For two years, doctors told her she may have lupus or Lou Gehrig's Disease. The once vibrant woman was reduced to having her family do almost everything for her.

" It was very scary because I had always been very strong," said Harton

Doctors diagnosed Harton with inflammatory myopathy, but had no idea what triggered the outbreak. Harton's daughter, Christa Davis, began researching for possible answers. Davis soon realized her mother's condition began to deteriorate after she had hip and knee replacement surgery.

"I recognized a link," said Davis "Then it was time to try to find a doctor who would listen to the theory."

 Finding someone to take her seriously was a challenge until she met Dr. Kenneth Sands.

"Currently, allergic reactions to metal implants are considered very rare," said Dr. Sands

Harton was one of those rare cases. Her implants were removed, and replaced with titanium pieces which have not caused any problems.

"People have to start thinking about metal allergies," said Davis.

Although Harton has not fully recovered, she is well on her way. Regaining much of the mobility she lost.

" We prayed. I know God can do anything," said Harton " And we believe."