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Confusing speed limit signs to be removed

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     Its been a confusing drive down Evergreen Church Road for sometime in the Coaling area of Tuscaloosa County.  Monday morning workers removed a 45-speed limit sign from one end, a 25-mile per hour sign from the other end and its not a very long road.

      Brenda Strickland is glad they're finally making the speed  on the road consistent.  "I've been here four years and you never know how fast to go. Then, they put the speed bumps in and you knew you better go slow,"she said.

      Road Crews went from one end of the county to the other, plucking up mixed signs on several roads.  Strickland says its causing some drivers to ignore both signs...creating a dangerous situation. "...cause people do fly around those curves down there and you'll here people go thump thump over them."

      County leaders say they don't know it happened, but some people suspect others in the affected areas may have swapped the signs...trying to slow down speeders themselves.

      The county hopes to have all the mixed speed limit signs corrected by the end of the week.