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Tips To Avoid Ticket Scams

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Summer is prime time for big concerts and big games. But not reading the fine print on a ticket, or getting caught up in a scam, can leave fans on the outside looking in.

The desperation to snag tickets for a favorite band or a big sporting event can lead consumers to companies or Websites where they wouldn't otherwise do business or are unfamiliar with the rules -- or respond to online classifieds that are often "buyer beware."

The National Consumers League urges ticket-shoppers to avoid getting starry-eyed over what looks like a great deal.

  • Note the URL before making a purchase. scammers can set up fake sites.
  • Buy tickets with a credit card for added fraud protection.
  • Be prepared for additional fees like shipping or convenience charges on top of the ticket price.
  • And read the fine print on a ticket. If its a will call or paperless ticket, ticket holders may be required to present the purchasing credit card and photo i-d for admission and can be non-transferable. That's especially important if the tickets are a gift or purchased on behalf of someone else.

Also know the vendor's guarantee policy. The established online ticket exchanges and resale sites will often replace or refund a ticket if a customer receives the wrong tickets, fake tickets, or if the event is canceled.

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