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Day Two Of Boil Order For Northeast Oklahoma Town

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There's mandatory water rationing and also a boil order in effect for Braggs. Braggs is southeast of Tulsa in Muskogee County. We learned what's being done to increase the water flow.

The water problems here go back to supply and demand. There's simply not enough water to keep up with the customers who want it.

This site in neighboring Fort Gibson is something you won't see in Braggs. The town of 400 doesn't have the water to spare. The city's four wells have undersized water pumps and in a drought.

"It gets frustrating."

Wayne Richardson and company working overtime.

"Our water tables drop and the size of the motor aren't able to push it up."

That means day two of a boil order.

"Have to boil the water to do the tea the lemonade."

At Donna's Malt Shop, Tammie Lester won't sugar coat what everyone's gotta be thinking.

"Be glad when they get the water situation figured out."

Samantha King had to change her game plan for her boys and basketball camp that started today.

"It's hard to keep the kids away from the fountain, for some reason the water seems to taste better out of the fountain, but today we just put trash bags over them and gave 'em bottled water."

Things could improve tomorrow when team Wayne replaces all the pumps and motors.

"The new pumps that we're putting in should actually triple the production that we're getting into our clear well."

In the meantime...

"We just pray everyday for water so everything doesn't dry up."

With one prayer then another....

"We need rain bad."

The clouds released!

The boil order remains in effect until further notice. Of course one thing could change that....a significant amount of rainfall.