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TechBits: tech news (7.4.12)

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Some of this week's tech headlines:

    Microsoft scored a big win for its Xbox gaming system.  The company has won a case against a Chinese national who had registered a group of web domains representing a variety of products.  The National Arbitration Forum ordered that the address be turned over to Microoft.  That started speculation that it may be the name of the company's next gaming console.  Microsoft also got Xboxphone and Xboxtablet.

    If you watch a lot of streaming on Netflix, you're not alone.  In June, Netflix viewers watched more than one billion hours of streaming content.  That's a big milestone for Netflix, but not surprising.  A recent report said 27 percent of internet traffic during prime-time is from Netflix streaming alone.  The one billion mark means on average, each Netflix user watched streaming for 38 hours.  That's up from an average of 28 hours last December.

    If you do lots of talking on your cell phone, you're in the minority.  British phone carrier O2 has released usage stats form its users.  It found actually talking comes in at number five in the top uses for mobile phones.  The top activity is web surfing.  That's followed by tweeting, gaming, and listening to music.  Other carriers show similar usage patterns in the United States.