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TechBits: Stupid things we do with our cell phones (6.27.12)

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    We all do stupid things with our cell phones, and Lifehacker has some suggestions for how to fix them.

    One of the most common is relying on your smart phone too much to remember contact information.  That means if your battery dies, you can't get your numbers and e-mail addresses.  Keeping a printed or written copy can help- or you can try to remember numbers better by actually dialing them yourself, instead of initiating the call from a contact page.

    A similar problem can happen with GPS.  If you rely on it too much for turn by turn directions, you don't really learn how to get where you're going, and don't learn nearby geography.  Try memorizing the directions, and getting to your destination without using the GPS.

    The most dangerous stupid cell phone behavior is letting it distract you while you drive.  This can be deadly- and will also soon be illegal in Alabama, with a new texting law set to take effect.