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Beating The Heat

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It was definitely hot out there Saturday. But did you know that high temperatures can affect you when you least expect it? That's why emergency responders want you to take care of yourself before heading out in the elements.

Finding a way to beat the heat! A challenge Saturday for every team member and their family as temperatures soared into the 90's.  Stephanie Mashburn says "The past few tournaments haven't been this bad, so we were really concerned about keeping the kids hydrated." Parents even formed a line of tents at Spain Park in Hoover equipped with fans, coolers and chilled treats. Mashburn says "If you line them up like that it provides a good area for a host of people to sit and get relief from the sun."

Across the street, Athletes participated in the Alabama Sports Festival. Trainer Hannah Dunn says "The sun's everywhere, you can't get away from it." Even making some kids very exhausted after competing on the track.  Dunn says "Some kids had to sit down immediately after they ran, who felt like they might pass out. We have water right at the finish line."

Staying well hydrated is the key before, during an after an event.  Rusty Lowe with the Hoover Fire Department says "A lot of physicians will tell you the average human being walks a round a little dehydrated." Lowe also says heat can affect children and the elderly a lot faster, especially those with medical conditions.  "If people would just remember to hydrate well with water, not necessarily sports drinks only, maybe a good mix of half and half. And during the hottest part of the day, limit your outside activities."

Some other good tips: Lowe says make sure you wear light colors, a hat, sunscreen and be sure you find some shade. Dizziness is a sign it's time to cool down. Lastly, make sure your pets stay well hydrated too! it's important they have a place to cool off, out of the sun.