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TechBits: inside the new MacBook (06.13.12)

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    Apple just announced its new MacBook, and some of its design is causing concern for buyers who may eventually want to upgrade.  It's because the computer is not designed to be user-serviceable.

    The memory is soldered to the motherboard.  That means you can't easily replace the modules.  Getting Apple to double your RAM could cost about $200.  Doing it yourself with modules on the open market, the job would cost about $85.

    Upgrading the SSD will also require Apple intervention.  Taking it from 256gb to 512gb will cost about 600 dollars.  A 512gb drive generally runs about $420 on the open market.

    Also, the elements of the Retina display are fused together, so if you get a scratch on the screen, you have to replace the computer's whole upper lid.