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Honors students help in Black Belt

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     Working in Marion of  Perry County is more than just an assignment for about 15 University of Alabama students.

     They're learning a wealth of knowledge about the underprivileged area of the black belt.

     The students are Honors students and among a laundry list of work -- Wednesday the students helped to spruce up the Old Lincoln High School...where Correta Scott King graduated.

     The building was abandoned in 1970 and has since become sort of a community center for the 'Marion County Quilters on Tuesdays.

     Senior citizens now the use the old high school to learn and teach others in the community how to sew and quilt

     University of Alabama Honors students chose it as one of several places to do community service .  For the past, three weeks they have held technology workshops, done things such as held an art work shop, repaired batting cages at the city park...but, the painting and cleaning of Old Lincoln High has been most inspiring.

     Friday will be the students last day in Marion.