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TechBits: the lighter side of tech news (05.23.12)

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This week, the Tech Guy has some slightly more amusing tech news:

    Apple apparently has such a dislike of jailbreaking phones, it even censored the word 'jailbreak' in iTunes.  The censoring has now been fixed.  It affected everything from a Thin Lizzy song to an episode of the Roy Rogers Show.

    A multi-millioniare software executive's passion for Legos led him straight to jail.  Thomas Lagenbach is charged for using his computer to print fake UPC codes, which allowed him to buy Legos at a greatly reduced price, then selling them at a profit online.

    The newest book about Steve Jobs is a little different from most.  It's a children's book.  'Who Was Steve Jobs?' is on sale at Amazon.  It's part of a series on famous people, and their contributions to society.