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Head injuries

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    They say it happens in sports... a young man who is very dear to me came home from football practice complaining of nausea and a headache.

    It was the last play of practice and two players knocked helmuts.   That part shouldn't surprise you.  But that was the beginning of days and a now a week worth of worry.

    Not only were the symptoms headache and nausea that night,  in the days to come some memory loss was evident.  Searching the Internet for answers I found out about a condition called post concussive syndrome.  Headaches and forgetfulness can last for days, weeks or months.

    The night the injury happened, I was chatting with moms who were talking about a child on a bike who hit a mailbox.  They talked about the headache and nausea being symptoms.

     Then later that night, this child complains of the same thing.  In a split second a hit in football can alter a child's brain.  That is scary.   Are the helmuts enough protection?  No not in all cases obviously.

       I wanted to share this story with you to arm you with information.  If a child comes home after rigorous contact sports complaining of a headache and being sick at his or her stomach, you may want to investigate further.  When did it start hurting?  Do you remember getting hit? Are you dizzy?  Did you black out?

       If the condition includes headache, nausea and memory loss you should call  your doctor or get medical attention.  If the child is  not his or herself seriously consider going to a specialist.

    Did you know national experts estimate more than 70 percent of all concussions are not reported?  Not reporting them can lead to serious complications, so be aware.

    The more information you have to protect your child the better. 

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