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Puppies and a new state of mind!

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Puppy Power! Puppy Power!

    If you need to find a reason to smile, you may want to visit your local breeder.  In fact,  dogs are used in therapy for the elderly or children who need encouragement.

    We recently adopted two lab puppies.   We already have our wonderful ten year old beagle.  But for some reason we decided to take on puppihood once again with three boys in the house.

    While it is a lot of work, and can be zany and tiring especially at 3 in the morning,  it's also one of the most rewarding tough jobs I've ever had.  They are so cute and offer a reason to smile, even at three in the morning.

    But even more than that, I have seen what effect puppies have on our three boys.  The boys have great paternal instincts that I have never seen before.  Watching their patience, tenderness and caring for these little furry friends simply melts my heart.  Watching these boys train, feed and even clean up with little or no complaints shows me that they are maturing.  It is a welcome glimpse of the fine men I believe they are becoming. 

     We as a family have the usual dramas, day to day crisis, challenges ect.    But while dealing with life's hiccups, and looking into the brown or green eyes of these puppies... they remind us that life doesn't have to be that complicated.  Life should be enjoyed.  To watch the pair frolic and play lifts the spirit. 

     So again if you need a little attitude adjustment and it's hard to recognize your blessings, maybe it's time to make an addition to the family, and remind yourself that joy should be a part of each day, just a a puppy meets each morning with a pounce on a toy or a fellow lab...  I hope you find your joy today with an image of a panting puppy expecting a pet on the head!

  God Bless!