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Tips On Asking For A Raise

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The economy is struggling, jobs are being cut, and employees are laying low, trying not to draw attention to themselves.  You may think asking for a raise is out of the question.  Maybe not.    As long as you're prepared. has 5 things to consider before asking for a raise:

  • Don't wait for a rebound in the economy.  Instead make your move when you can prove that you're deserving with concrete examples of accomplishments.
  • Timing is important.  Most companies have a budgeting cycle, so come in before, not after the company has made raise decisions.
  • Prepare your case.  Give the company your best arguments, such as how hard you've worked and what you've accomplished.
  • Ask for help, not money.  Say to your boss, "I'd really appreciate your guidance on what I need to do to get a raise."  That way he's more likely to become your advocate.
  • Live to fight another day.  Let's face it, you may get turned down for that raise.  If you do, don't start a confrontation, or threaten to leave.  Unless of course if have a place to go.  Keep it friendly.  Your turn may come the next time around.

In an employment related story, a recent poll found that as the job market begins to loosen up, companies might be surprised by an announcement from employees they haven't heard in a while... "I quit."

The poll by human resources consultant Right Management found that 60 percent of workers said they intended to leave their jobs when the economy got better.