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Spann 24/7 App

Follow ABC 33/40 Chief Meteorologist James Spann. Part of what you will get with this app:
ABC 33/40 Weather Blog: Our local weather blog that brings in some of the highest traffic levels in the U.S. Eight meteorologists write for the blog, and it is continually updated in times of both bad and good weather. Forecast discussions that answer all your questions, and bring you the important answers to all your weather questions. Severe weather coverage that is second to none.
The ABC 33/40 Weather Xtreme Video: A twice a day weather video briefing that goes into deep detail. It goes way beyond the material we share on television.
Spann's social media feeds: Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus feeds are a treasure trove of information day and night. Not only about weather.
Spann's photos: Hundreds of great pictures from the "Spann Twitter Army" and our viewers.
The ability to send videos and photos to James easily. Your photos are crucial during times of severe weather and winter storms.
WeatherBrains: A weekly show all about weather (all 90 minutes) is available right within the app. If you are a weather weenie, you will love it.
Push notifications from James Spann. When the weather gets serious, you will know about it. Like a direct pipeline to James.

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