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The Heartland Network Programming

ABC College Football is now available on ABC 33/40's D3/33.3 channel.

Where can you find this channel?
Over the air, on channel:
33.3 from our west-central Alabama tower in Wyndom Springs (near Tuscaloosa)
40.3 from our east-central Alabama tower on Bald Rock Mtn (near Anniston)
58.3 from our Birmingham tower on Red Mountain (Birmingham)

Cable Systems:
Dish Network - Not available
DirecTV - Not available

Cable Systems:
Comcast (which is primarily in Tuscaloosa and Gadsden) – channel 209

Brighthouse (Birmingham metro area) - Please contact Brighthouse and let them know you would like for them to carry this channel.

Charter – With box Channel 82, Without box Channel 74.11

Cable One (Anniston) - 485

Envision – Channel 40.3

Otelco – Channel 88

Cablestar – Channel 265

Coosa – Channel 265

Cablevision – Channel 265

Zito – TBA

West AL TV – TBA

Demopolis – 82.15

Northland – TBA


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