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BBVA Compass Bowl teams have Comedy Night Out together

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The teams arrived to the Comedy Club Stardome in Hoover separately. Kentucky first and then Pittsburgh. And once inside, it didn't take long to figure out that the guys who like to eat a lot also like to have a lot of fun.

"I just want some laughs," says Kentucky Defensive Tackle Shane McCord. "I haven't laughed hard in a while so it'll be good to get in."

After Pittsburgh beat Kentucky in a trivia game, Comedian John Morgan, the Rajun Cajun, kept them laughing. The teams have had a full week of activities.

"It's kind of neat to go bowling with them and kind of compete with them in bowling," says Pittsburgh Safety Don Decicco.

The most memorable so far seems to be the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute.

"It was very touching to see some of those things where Dr. Martin Luther King was at. Rosa Parks and the history of Birmingham, and we learned a lot from it," Pitt Left Tackle Jason Pinkston explains.

Hanging out together has been fun, but gameday of course is Saturday. The guys will be wearing their serious game faces then, but for now, it's belly laughs all around.

"This right here it help us out a lot, and it won't just have us down their ripping each others' heads off at the end of the game," laughs Kentucky Wide Receiver Chris Matthews.