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Store owner responds to having "distasteful" billboard

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The Electronic Repair Company in East Lake is getting a lot of traffic these days all because of a sign outside the business.

"I put jokes up there," owner Chuck Biddinger said.

Biddinger says the sign, which reads "BBQ pork restaurant is Muslims inside," is harmless.

"Muslims do not eat pork," he said. "It's a known fact that Muslims have tried to commit crimes in this country."

Biddinger says he received the quote in an e-mail. He says he tries to change the sayings on both sides of the sign once a week.

But is putting the quote up outside for all his customers to see a good idea?

Some locals around the area gave a mixed response.

"I think it's hilarious to me that they would feel that way," one man said. "But I'm not offended about it at all."

"I would be offended if I was Muslim," Keshia Carter said.

Carter says she drives by ERC regularly and is familiar with Biddinger's billboard humor.

"He does go far, but a lot of it is truthful," she said. "But when you start getting into race and religion...people feel strongly."

But Biddinger claims it's not about race or religion. He says it's just a joke.

"I'm not a politically correct person and I don't claim to be," he said. "I never have been."