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Seven of the top ten worst spots for Alabama traffic are in Birmingham area

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A national transportation research group named seven spots in Jefferson County among the top ten worst spots for traffic in Alabama.

The worst "chokepoint" was actually in South Alabama, the I-10 Wallace Tunnels in Mobile.  But the Birmingham metro area dominates nearly all of the top ten.

  1. I-10 Wallace Tunnels (Mobile County)
  2. I-65 from I-20/59 to US 31 (Jefferson County)
    • This stretch averages 142,000 cars everyday.  Congestion causes average speed to drop to 35 MPH during the rush hour periods.
  3. US 280 from Brook Highland Parkway to Riverview Road (Jefferson and Shelby Counties)
    • 84,000 cars travel this stretch everyday.  The average speed drops below 20 MPH during rush hours.
  4. I-65 from SR 119 to I-459 (Jefferson and Shelby Counties)
    • 110,000 vehicles travel through here everyday, and during rush hour periods they move at an average of 45 MPH, compared to 60 MPH during the rest of the day.
  5. US 280 from Dolly Ridge Road to Cherokee Drive (Jefferson County)
    • Traffic here slows to 20 MPH during peak periods.  The group recommends
      improving parallel routes and transit in this area to move traffic along faster
  6. I-65 from Airport Boulevard to Springhill Avenue (Mobile County)
  7. I-65 from County Road 52 to SR 119 (Shelby County)
    • The group recommends modifying the interchanges to help improve traffic flow.
  8. I-20 from Airport Highway to US 31 (Jefferson County)
    • Again, the group recommends improving the interchanges to help flow
  9. Birmingham's entire regional transit system
    • Increased service and improved maintenance would help improve the needs
  10. I-85 from I-65 to Taylor Road (Montgomery County)

The study of the worst 40 spots is produced by TRIP and aims to offer solutions to traffic problems.  In its report on Alabama's worst spots, most of the suggestions were based on improving alternate routes to draw people away from the trouble spots, and to improve the interchanges.

The report says that traffic in Alabama has increased by 40-percent from 42 billion miles of travel to 59 billion miles between 1990 and 2008.  A report from the Reason Foundation found that congestion in the Birmingham area is expected to more than double by 2030 without any improvements.