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Spain Park practice tape released

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David Shores won't talk about the incident in detail, but he says former Spain Park Athletic Director Gena Morris gave an accurate account to ABC3340 when she told us that the player told her the coach didn't do anything.

Ebony Hall, Reporter: "We've gotten several calls after our story ran last night.  One today saying you hit the child twice.  How do you respond to that?  Did that happen?"

David Shores, Former Spain Park Coach: "I'm not going to go into any further detail.  Like I said.  What I said in my statement is accurate, and we'll go with that. "

Ebony Hall, Reporter: "So you're saying that if they ever released the practice tape, if they ever released that, what you said is what we'll see?"

David Shores, Former Spain Park Coach: "Sure."

ABC33/40 has obtained video from practice that day.  On it you can see that it is a very physical drill, and Coach David Shores is intense.  One section may raise some eyebrows.  The guys are finishing up a drill when you see Coach Shores run and seemingly lunge at a player off camera.  The camera pans away to another drill so we can't see what happens next.  

Gena Morris says the student told her Shores grabbed his shoulder pads to move him into the right position.  Shores maintains he did nothing wrong.

Ebony Hall, Reporter: "Do you think this might change the way you coach in the future as far as the physicality?"

David Shores, Former Spain Park Coach: "Well, you learn from everything you do.  I am going to continue to be an intense football coach and coach the kids hard and expect a lot out of them.  You know there has always been great debate, and I have been taught over the years of what you can and can't do as far as putting your hands on kids.  I think I always stuck to that.  I don't see it changing a whole lot."

Shores says it has been difficult to watch the boys play not as a coach but as a fan.  He starts his new job as the school system's Assistant Athletic Director next Monday. You can read the full settlement agreement between Shores and the Hoover School System.  Just click on the Associated Links to the right.