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Spain Park Player to former AD: Coach Shores "didn't do anything."

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Coach David Shores was accused of fighting with a football player and got suspended while the accusations were investigated.  Meanwhile, Spain Park's football team went on with its season, and the school board and Superintendent Andy Craig mulled over what to do.  Tuesday, they came to a decision.

"It's a mutual agreement.  It's one that we both feel is in the best interest given the circumstances," Craig explained.

Shores is now the Assistant Athletic Director for the school system.  He will not lose his job or pay, but when asked if this means he had done nothing wrong, school board president A.W. Bolt said the facts were never adjudicated.

"All the facts did not come out," he told reporters.  "There were many facts.  Many more than has been talked about publicly."

But for the first time, Former Spain Park Athletic Director Gena Morris is talking publicly about what the student told her not 30-minutes after the altercation.

"The child described to me that they were involved in a very physical drill, and that he had not done something correctly.  And Coach Shores grabbed him by the shoulder pads and moved him to a position of where he should have been, doing what he should have done.  At that point he said, 'I lost it.'  He said, 'I just started swinging."  I said, 'Well, did you hit Coach Shores?' He said, 'Yes, I hit Coach Shores several times.'  And I said, 'What did you do at that point?  And what did Coach Shores do at that point?'  He said, 'Nothing that I know of.  He didn't do anything.'"

Morris believes politics had a lot to do with the investigation.  She says Spain Park has a new principal, and she believes the principal wanted to put his own people in key athletic positions.

Coach Shores did not returned our calls.  His contract with the system ends in may of next year.