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Five people arrested during meth bust in Clay

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"When I think of a lab, I think of a large area with different chemicals," Jefferson County Sheriff, Mike Hale, said.

Hale says when it comes to meth labs, he's seen just about everything. But Tuesday morning when his officers arrived at 7070 Self Road in Clay, they found something they'd never seen before.

"Usually, we find either labs cooking or meth," he said. "But we found some bottles cooking, hissing and bubbling."

No tables, no cooking equipment.

"We're talking about 32 oz. plastic bottles," Hale said.

Some people refer to it as the "shake and bake" method of making meth.

In all, three bottles were found with chemicals inside and three others were found empty. Now, five people who were inside the trailer are behind bars. They are 39-year-old Coy Carreker, his wife, 39-year-old Jeanne Carreker, 30-year-old Sarah Fallaw, 21-year-old Barbee Jones and 26-year-old Daniel Ward.

Police were at the scene to check on Coy Carreker. The Alabama State Probation Office notified the sheriff's dept. to check on him, believing he might have been cooking methamphetamine. Carreker, and his wife, were both already on probation for meth, according to Sheriff Hale.

"I scratch my head at it," Richard Aldridge said. "I don't get it...I don't get it."

Aldridge calls meth a growing problem in Clay. He says the news of the bust wasn't shocking, but he doesn't understand why people, like Coy Carreker, would resort to meth.

"This kid is smart," he said. "He could do anything he wants to. He worked with me and for me before."

Aldridge says he appreciates Sheriff Hale and his department for cracking down on the problem, but agrees more needs to be done.

"It needs to be cleaned up," he said. "Whether or not this will do the job, I don't know."

Sheriff Hale says charges against the five who were arrested range from unlawful manufacture of a controlled substance to unlawful possession of a controlled substance, and even unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia.

Hale says more charges are pending.