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"Dexter" action figure is not a toy for children

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Toys R Us is one of the best-known toy store chains in the country. However, one toy collector is wondering why the toy store is selling an action figure meant for adults only. Toys R Us is selling a "Dexter" doll. "Dexter" is a very popular television show on Showtime. In the show, the character, Dexter is a serial killer who kills other murderers.

The "Dexter" action figure comes complete with a handsaw and bloody gloves. Toy collector Jim Schultz said he was amazed when he saw the dolls on the shelves of Toys R Us, "So, as I'm weaving through the aisles, I pass this toy and I think, that, that can't be." Schultz complained to the toy distributor. The response from Toys R Us was that the small number of items were ordered to accommodate the stores' avid action figure collector customers. While Schultz understand, he still believes they should be sold by a different retailer. "I understand it's marketed towards adults. But I do condemn Toys 'R' Us for putting it on their shelves in the same store where you can go buy Barbie, and Kermit, and Elmo."

At the Ohio store, where Schultz saw the doll, Toys R Us representatives said there had only been Schultz's complaint. The figures have been on the shelf for a couple of weeks now. They also pointed out that the packaging clearly states that the action figure is for ages 18 and up, not intended for children.

ABC 33/40 wanted to know if the "Dexter" doll is being sold in our area. We called around to area retailers. The Tuscaloosa location for Toys R Us told us they have not gotten a shipment of that figure. However, the Hoover location on Old Montgomery Highway is selling the doll for $12.99 each.